How to pick the best Frozen Durian?

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There are different levels of ripeness for durians. Like those who prefer their bananas green, some Thais prefer their durians slightly underripe. It's also common for Frozen Durian Supplier Malaysia to prefer a durian that's so ripe that it's developed an alcoholic bite. Neither of them is my favorite.

When the caramel-stink peaks and the sweetness and texture are smooth as silk and sticky like cream cheese, I chase that perfection of flavour at Malaysia Fruit Buzz Asia Affiliate Program. You can pick the perfect durian by following these tips and tricks.

Smells like heaven:

The aroma of durian is strong, especially when it is fully ripe. Perfectly ripe durians have a different taste on the outside than on the inside.

Since the durian shell does not contain the same volatiles as the flesh, if you haven't broken open the durian yet, either by force of falling or by knife, the odor should remain mostly sealed inside. Depending on the shell's thickness, this varies slightly.

The Joint:

When a durian falls from the tree, the stem breaks at a weakened groove. A layer of abscission is referred to as an abscission layer in biology. Durians should break off their stems at that point, regardless of whether they fell or were cut early. The stem of a cut durian can be wiggled to determine if it's close to ripe - if it's loose, the durian is. Ripe durians break off easily or come off easily in the hand if they have broken off already.

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